This site is here to showcase photographs I have taken over the years.

These are in no way professional, they have been taken as part of a hobby. Something to occupy the time. But, if someone appreciates at least one of the photos then it’s worth putting it out there for all to see.

The site is still under construction as I work through the backlog of photos taken and rework the ones I’m more critical of, so please bare with me.

A little tip for this site would be to use your directional arrow keys on the keyboard. If you don’t particularly want to wait for the slide to appear, you can press to the right and it will move on (likewise, you can press to the left and it will go back to the previous slide). This function also works in the gallery.

I will also be splitting the photographs into separate galleries once I have enough to filter, to make it easier for the user to browse through a particular interest.

Hopefully the blog will become something of a place to put down thoughts/ideas for my photography (or maybe other things, we shall see) and actually follow through with plans for visiting places to gather more photos. If it seems to be popular, I may also open up the comments for people to put their ideas forward but for the time being I don’t have time to spend filtering any spam etc.

If you do have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the ‘Contact’ link above.